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“Yuewalker”-Tracked Chassis (Black)

327,50 د.إ
Description : – This is Yuewalker, an agile tracked chassis, low noise and easy to control, which could be a

0.1″ (2.54 mm) Arduino Male Pin Headers (Straight Black 10PCS)

SKU: CxHx0033
13,80 د.إ
Description : – This is a blue colored 40 Pin 2.54 mm(0.1″) single row pin header strip from DFRobot. –

0.3 MegaPixels USB Camera for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nano

SKU: ODCx0054
45,00 د.إ
Description : – This product is a driver-free camera with 0.3MP (MegaPixels) and 640*480 resolution. The camera is well compatible

1/4W Resistor Pack -2000 PCS

SKU: PCRx0743
68,00 د.إ
Description : – It comes with 20 of each value: •1R•1.2R•1.5R•1.8R•2R•2.2R•2.7R•3R•3.3R•3.9R•4.7R•5.1R•6.2R•6.8R•8.2R•10R•12R•15R•18R•20R•22R•27R•30R•33R•39R•47R•51R•62R•68R•82R•100R•120R•150R•180R•200R•220R•270R•300R•330R•390R•470R•510R•620R•680R•820R•1K•1.2K•1.5K•1.8K•2K•2.2K•2.7K•3K•3.3K•3.9K•4.7K•5.1K•6.2K•6.8K•8.2K•10K•12K•15K•18K•20K•22K•27K•30K•33K•39K•47K•51K•62K•68K•82K•100K•120K•150K•180K•200K•220K•270K•300K•330K•390K•470K•510K•620K•680K•820K•1M•1.2M•1.5M•1.8M•2M•2.2M•3.3M•3.9M•4.7M•5.1M– Note: As this pack is packed manually. We do

10 Sets M3 * 10 Nylon Standoff

SKU: TPOx0199
15,00 د.إ
Description : -These screws can be used to isolate your circuit board. It is suitable for all kinds of circuit

10 Sets M3 * 6 Nylon Screws

SKU: TPOx0264
7,00 د.إ
Description : These screws can be used to isolate your circuit board. It is suitable for all kinds of circuit

120W DC-DC Converter 12V@10A

144,10 د.إ
Description : -This is a waterproof DC-DC converter. With 15-40V DC input, it converts to 12V@10A which is an ideal

12V 184P Gear Motor with Encoder

471,50 د.إ
Description : This customized high quality DC motor is the best choice if you desire a quiet motor with a

12V DC Motor 350RPM w/Encoder (12kg*cm)

126,60 د.إ
Description : This is a gear motor with encoder. It is a motor with a 34:1 gearbox and an integrated

150W DC-DC Converter 24V@6A

SKU: CxCx0047
170,30 د.إ
Description : -This is a waterproof DC-DC converter. With 8-40V DC input, it converts to 24V@6A which is an ideal

2.5g 360 degree Micro Servo (0.45kg)

35,00 د.إ
Description : – This new micro servo with 360 degree continuous rotation is compatible with servo shields for Arduino. –

20A Bidirectional Brushed ESC Speed Controller without Brake (XT60 Connector)

69,40 د.إ
Description : -ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) can be divided into brushed ESC and brushless ESC according to the different motor

20W Adjustable DC-DC Boost Converter With Digital Display

SKU: CxCx0067
32,80 د.إ
Description : -20W adjustable DC-DC boost converter with digital display-Based on professional boost chip with 3-32V power input, 5-35V output,

20W Adjustable DC-DC Buck Converter with Digital Display

SKU: CxCx0048
22,00 د.إ
Description : 20W adjustable DC-DC buck converter module with digital display Based on LM2596 3A step-down voltage regulator Input voltage

28-pin ZIF Socket

10,00 د.إ
Description : – This is a high-quality, easy to use 28 pin ZIF socket (Zero Insertion Force) that is 0.3″

2WD miniQ Robot Chassis

148,40 د.إ
Description : -2WD miniQ robotic platform designed for students and hobbyists-Versatile and small, suitable for most indoor applications-High-quality and powerful

3 x 18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack

22,00 د.إ
Description : The 18650 lithium battery is a commonly used battery in electronic products, often used in laptops and power

370 Mini Vacuum Pump

26,20 د.إ
Description : – This super-easy-to-use air pump is very suitable for beginners to make inflatable or pneumatic projects.– It is

3W Mini Audio Stereo Amplifier (W2)

25,80 د.إ
Description :   – This is a Mini Audio Stereo Amplifier from DFRobot. It has left and right channels which

40 Pin Break Away Male Header- Long Straight-10 PCS

SKU: CxHx0024
20,00 د.إ
Description : -These are a longer version of our standard break away headers. -They are 10mm long which allows you

4K Mini HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi 4B

SKU: CWCx0274
23,40 د.إ
Description : – This is a micro-mini HDMI video cable tailored to the Raspberry Pi 4B, supporting 4K HD resolution.

4xAA Battery Holder(with Cover and Power Switch)

20,00 د.إ
Description : -Simple 4 Cell AA Battery holder with 5″ tinned leads -Square configuration -Features a sliding, removable cover -ON/OFF

5mm LED Pack (50 PCS)

SKU: ODLx0079
15,00 د.إ
Description : – This package includes 50 x 5mm LEDs, 5 different colors.– It covers five common colors: green, red,

6xAA Battery Holder

18,00 د.إ
Description : – This battery holder can hold 6 AA batteries which can make 7.2 V rechargeable battery packs from

72W DC-DC Converter 12V@6A

120,00 د.إ
Description : -This is a waterproof DC-DC converter. With 8-40V DC input, it converts to 12V@6A which is ideal supply

9g Metal Gear Micro Servo (1.8Kg )

27,00 د.إ
Description : – This mini metal servo is ideal for small sized and low cost projects.– It suits the job

A01NYUB Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

SKU: STSx0562
135,00 د.إ
Description : – Ultrasonic distance sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and

A02YYUW Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

SKU: STSx0409
110,00 د.إ
Description : – Ultrasonic distance sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and

ABS Transparent Case for Raspberry Pi Zero/ Zero W

13,00 د.إ
Description : – This ABS Transparent Case is designed for Raspberry Pi Zero/ Zero W. We reserved a large connecting

Alligator Clip Test Cables (10 PCS Pack)

22,00 د.إ
Description : Alligator clips at both ends for easy connection to test points Variety of colors for easy identification and

APC220 Radio Communication Module

175,00 د.إ
Description : – The APC220 radio module provides a simple and economic solution to wireless data communications. – Integrates an

Argon ONE V2 Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminium Case

110,00 د.إ
Description :   -Argon One V2 is an upgraded version of Argon One, with a built-in upgraded adapter board and

Bipolar Stepper Motor with Planet Gear Box (

159,60 د.إ
Description : – This bipolar stepper motor with planet gear box (gear ratio: 5.18) uses a standard 8mm-diameter D type

Black Gladiator – Tracked Robot Chassis

109,20 د.إ
Description : -Black Gladiator is an agile tracked robot chassis that is low noise and easy to control -Made of

Bone Conduction Kit

SKU: TPOx0531
120,00 د.إ
Description : – Bone conduction is a way of sound transmission. The sound is converted into different frequencies of mechanical

Breadboard Power Supply 5V/3.3V

22,00 د.إ
Description : This is a very simple board that takes a 6-12V input voltage and outputs a selectable 5V or