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18,00 د.إ
Description : 5 COLORS & 8 INTERNAL DIAMETERS : Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Red. Sized 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,

40Pin Dupont Jumper Separable Cable Diy Kit For Raspberry Pi Arduino M/M F/M F/F 10CM and 20CM

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Description : IZOKEE 240pcs 10CM and 20CM Jumper Wire Solderless Breadboard Jumper Wires Male to Female, Male to Male, Female

4K Mini HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi 4B

SKU: CWCx0274
23,40 د.إ
Description : – This is a micro-mini HDMI video cable tailored to the Raspberry Pi 4B, supporting 4K HD resolution.

Crocodile to Crocodile Cable

SKU: CWCx0028
5,00 د.إ
Description : Alligator Clips are fully insulated and easily put in probe tips. The very sharp probe tips are hardened

FTDI Cable 5V

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Features: • The FTDI cable is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter which allows for a simple way to


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Description : – This is a 30cm 18 Pin FPC flat flex Ribbon cable specially designed for working with GDI.

Hemobllo 500 Pcs Solder Seal Wire Connectors – Insulated Waterproof Heat Shrink Butt Connector Terminals Electrical Wire Connectors with Case

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Description : The Hemobllo professional heat shrink solder sleeve set is perfect for anyone in need of a reliable, multi-purpose

High Temperature Resistant Silicone Wire (18AWG 0.75mm2 1m Red & Black)

SKU: CWCx0298
12,00 د.إ
Description : – The product is a high temperature resistant silicone rubber copper wire with 18 AWG and 0.75mm2– Made

Interface Cable – SMA Female to SMA Male (25cm)

25,03 د.إ
Features: • This is a basic SMA (Sub-Miniature A) male to female connector cable.• Each cable is 25cm (9.8″) long

Interface Cable – SMA Male to TNC Male (300mm)

49,83 د.إ
Features: • This is a 300mm long Male TNC to Male SMA cable.• This is an excellent cable for connecting

Interface Cable SMA to U.FL

25,03 د.إ
Features: • This is a 4″ connector cable that interfaces U.FL RF connectors to regular SMA connectors.• This cable is

Muscle Wire – 0.012″ Diameter (1 foot)

SKU: CWCx0192
9,56 د.إ
Features: • one foot long piece of nickel-titanium alloy that can flex and contract when a specific amount of heat

Panel Mount USB Micro-B Extension Cable – 6″

12,52 د.إ
Features: • This panel mount USB micro-B extension cable enables you to more easily enclose a project that contains a

Ribbon Cable – 10 wire (15ft)

SKU: CWCx0215
25,03 د.إ
Features: • Ribbon cable is really helpful in situations where you need to make a lot of connections without a

SMA Male to SMA Female – 10m (RG174)

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Features: • This 10m (33′) SMA extension does a great job of connecting your receiver or radio to a distant

SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable – 6 Foot

SKU: CWCx0113
20,48 د.إ
Features: • This is a USB 2.0 type A to Mini-B 5-pin cable.• the mini-B connector that usually comes with

SWD Cable – 2×5 Pin

SKU: CWCx0194
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Features: • This is a 150mm (~6″) long•10-conductor cable that’s especially ideal for many JTAG applications.• Both ends are terminated

USB Cable A-B for Arduino Uno/Mega

SKU: CWCx0187
8,30 د.إ
Description : -This is the most common A to B Male/Male type peripheral USB 2.0 cable for arduino. -Compatible with

XT60 Connectors – Male/Female Pair

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Features: •These connectors are made from high-temp nylon with gold-plated spring pins or sockets molded in.• The shape of this

Audio Cable TRRS – 1ft

SKU: CWCx0170
7,28 د.إ
Features: • white audio cable that has been terminated with two TRRS connectors at each end.• TRRS connectors are the

B-30-1000 GREEN

SKU: CWPx0002
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When it comes to creating simple but effective electronics connections during Prototyping or design, these rolls of 230m P/N B-30-1000

Cable Tie – black 100mm x 2.5 mm

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Specifications Length: 100mm Width: 2.5 mm Colour: Black Material: Nylon 66 Type: Non-Releasable Quantity: 100 Minimum Operating Temperature: -40°C Maximum

Flexible Qwiic Cable – 100mm

SKU: CWCx0396
7,28 د.إ
Description : This is a 100mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It’s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components

Flexible Qwiic Cable – 50mm

SKU: CWCx0397
4,78 د.إ
Description : This is a 50mm long 4-conductor cable with 1mm JST termination. It’s designed to connect Qwiic enabled components

Flexible Qwiic Cable – Female Jumper (4-pin)

SKU: CWCx0398
7,28 د.إ
Description : This is a jumper adapter cable that comes pre-terminated with a female Qwiic JST connector on one end

Hook-up Stranded Wire – Black (22 AWG)

SKU: CWCx0532
15,93 د.إ
Description : Standard 22 AWG stranded black wire. Use this for soldering wire or any project in which you need

Hook-up Stranded Wire – Red (22 AWG)

SKU: CWCx0531
15,93 د.إ
Description : Standard 22 AWG stranded red wire. Use this for soldering wire or any project in which you need

Hook-Up Wire – Assortment (Solid Core, 22 AWG)

97,85 د.إ
Features: • Six different colors of solid core wire in a cardboard dispenser box.   Specifications:   • 22 AWG•

Hook-Up Wire – Assortment (Stranded, 22 AWG)

SKU: CWCx0191
102,40 د.إ
Features: • Six different colors of stranded wire in a cardboard dispenser box. specifications: • 22 AWG• 25 ft /

Interface Cable for RP-TNC to RP-SMA – 1m

31,63 د.إ
Features: • This is a very simple 1m long Male RP-TNC to Male RP-SMA cable.• use this cable to connect

JST Jumper 3 Wire Assembly

SKU: CWCx0414
7,28 د.إ
Description : This is a simple three wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything

Jumper Wire Kit – 140pcs

29,58 د.إ
Kit includes: • 10x Jumper Wire – 2mm 22AWG• 10x Jumper Wire – 5mm 22AWG• 10x Jumper Wire – 7mm