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5pcs IR Infrared Sensor Module Obstacle Avoidance Module Board Smart Car Robot

30,00 AED
Description : The sensor module is perfectly adaptable to the environment light, it has a pair of infrared transmitting and

A01NYUB Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

SKU: STSx0562
135,00 AED
Description : – Ultrasonic distance sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and

A02YYUW Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor

SKU: STSx0409
110,00 AED
Description : – Ultrasonic distance sensor determines the distance to a target by measuring time lapses between the sending and

Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor / Scanner

SKU: STSx0293
75,00 AED
Description :   -The capacitive fingerprint sensor supports various functions such as fingerprint capture, image processing, fingerprint storage, and fingerprint

F1031V Mass Air Flow Sensor

SKU: STSx0346
399,00 AED
Description : – F1031V Mass Air Flow Sensor adopts thermodynamic principle to detect flow rate of gas medium in the

Fermion: LWLP5000 Differential Pressure Sensor – ±500pa (Breakout)

SKU: STSx0347
174,20 AED
Description : -This high-resolution differential pressure breakout board with I2C communication is used to measure the difference in pressure across

Fermion: MAX30102 Heart Rate and Oximeter Sensor V2.0

SKU: STSx0390
48,00 AED
Description : – The DFRobot heart rate and oximeter sensor integrates the Maxim MAX30102 chip and an MCU with heart

Fermion: MCP3424 18-Bit ADC-4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier for Raspberry Pi (Breakout)

SKU: STSx0517
57,30 AED
Description : – The module is an MCP3432 A/D converter chip that can provide analog input function for Raspberry Pi

Fermion: URM13 Ultrasonic Sensor (15-900cm)

SKU: STSx0502
104,80 AED
Description :   – DFRobot URM13 is an ultrasonic ranging sensor with open single-probe– It supports TRIG Pulse-triggered ranging (SR04

Flex Sensor 2.2"

SKU: STSx0321
42,00 AED
Description : -A simple flex sensor 2.2″ in length. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases.

Flex Sensor 4.5"

SKU: STSx0322
75,00 AED
Description : -A simple flex sensor 4.5″ in length. As the sensor is flexed, the resistance across the sensor increases.

Force Sensitive Resistor – Long

SKU: STSx0498
102,40 AED
Description : Force sensitive resistor with a sensing area of 0.25×24″ Resistance varies depending on pressure applied to the sensing

Gravity: 27 PCS Sensor Set for Arduino

SKU: STSx0411
200,40 AED
Description : -The wiki for these sensors and devices makes it easy to start learning. So save by purchasing them

Gravity: 37 PCS Sensor Set for Arduino (Compatible with Raspberry Pi)

SKU: STSx0412
430,00 AED
Description : – This sensor kit supports the Raspberry Pi and Arduino Programming platform as well as visual programming software

Gravity: Analog CO Sensor (MQ7)

SKU: STSx0306
45,00 AED
Description : -Uses MQ7 probe to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO) concentrations in the air from 20 to 2000ppm-Sensitivity can be

Gravity: Analog Dissolved Oxygen Sensor / Meter Kit For Arduino

737,90 AED
Description :   -This is a dissolved oxygen sensor kit compatible with Arduino microcontrollers-It is used to measure the dissolved

Gravity: Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor /Meter V2 (K•1)

SKU: STSx0281
305,20 AED
Description :   -DFRobot Gravity: analog electrical conductivity meter V2 is used to measure the electrical conductivity of an aqueous

Gravity: Analog Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Sensor (0-10000 ppm)

SKU: STSx0239
213,50 AED
Description : – The “Greenhouse Effect” is causing the Earth’s ice to melt and create dangerous icebergs.– By measuring the

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Pro Kit V2

SKU: STSx0215
290,00 AED
Description : DFRobot Gravity: Analog pH meter pro V2 is specifically designed to measure the pH of solutions Upgraded version

Gravity: Analog pH Sensor/Meter Kit V2

SKU: STSx0453
172,50 AED
Description :   – DFRobot Gravity: Analog pH meter V2 is a device designed to measure the pH of a

Gravity: Analog Sensor Cable for Arduino – 30cm (10 Pack)

SKU: STSx0280
30,00 AED
Description : -Analog sensor cables designed for IO Expansion shield and sensors -Connects most of the analog sensors to the

Gravity: Analog Sound Sensor For Arduino

SKU: STSx0367
45,00 AED
Description : -New Analog Sound Sensor compatible with Arduino-Detects loudness in ambient and can be used to make interactive works-Improved

Gravity: Analog Waterproof Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

SKU: STSx0335
72,00 AED
Description : -This is a new type of analog capacitive soil moisture sensor designed by DFRobot with increased waterproof performance.

Gravity: CCS811 Air Quality Sensor

SKU: STSx0345
65,10 AED
Description : – The CCS811 Air Quality Sensor can measure the eCO2 (equivalent CO2) and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds)

Gravity: Digital 1-to-8 I2C Multiplexer

SKU: STSx0188
33,00 AED
Description : – On the same I2C port, DFRobot Gravity: I2C Multiplexer solves the address conflict and enables normal communication

Gravity: Digital Microwave Sensor (Motion Detection)

SKU: STSx0324
40,00 AED
Description : -The microwave sensor uses the Doppler effect to detect moving objects using microwaves.-This sensor is sensitive to a

Gravity: Digital PIR (Motion) Sensor for Arduino

SKU: STSx0292
28,00 AED
Description : -PIR (passive infrared motion) sensor designed to work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi-Sensing motion, commonly used to detect

Gravity: Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino – 30cm (10 Pack)

SKU: STSx0279
30,00 AED
Description : -The Gravity: Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino is a 30cm cable designed for use with an IO Expansion

Gravity: DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (Arduino Compatible)

SKU: STSx0278
17,50 AED
Description : DS18B20 arduino Temperature Sensor from DALLAS is known for its high accuracy and reliability It has an ultra-small

Gravity: Heart Rate Monitor Sensor for Arduino

SKU: STSx0195
70,00 AED
Description : -The DFRobot heart rate sensor is a thumb-sized heart rate monitor designed for Arduino microcontrollers.-This heart rate monitor