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The Arduino MKR ETH Shield (ASX00006) is designed to offer a high-speed and reliable Ethernet connection to any MKR family board. It’s equipped with a W5500 Ethernet controller for internet connectivity and a Micro SD Card slot for data logging and storing larger files. The W5500 controller supports both TCP and UDP and can handle up to eight simultaneous socket connections. This shield is particularly useful for projects in environments where electromagnetic noise is present or special safety requirements are in place.



  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Connector Type: RJ45 female
  • Compatibility: MKR family of Arduino boards
  • Pin Usage: Important pins include SD CS (Pin 4), ETH CS (Pin 5), MOSI (Pin 8), SCK (Pin 9), and MISO (Pin 10). It’s noted that if the MKR board already has an SD slot, it may conflict with the shield’s slot.


The shield’s design allows for easy integration with the Arduino ecosystem, supporting Ethernet 2 Library for internet connectivity and SD Library for SD card operations. The sharing of the SPI bus between the W5500 and the SD card requires attention in programming to ensure that only one is active at a time, a process managed by the corresponding libraries.


Learning Resources:

MKR ETH Shield Documentation

Getting Started with the Arduino MKR ETH Shield


Applications and Projects:


The Arduino MKR ETH Shield is a versatile tool for connecting your MKR boards to the internet via an Ethernet cable, offering a more stable, faster, and secure connection compared to Wi-Fi. This is especially useful in environments where electromagnetic noise is a problem or special safety requirements are present. It’s designed for high-speed and reliable connections which are essential in industrial systems or projects requiring robust internet connectivity.


Applications and use cases for the Arduino MKR ETH Shield span across various fields:


  • Industrial Systems: The shield is ideal for industrial applications that demand reliable and fast internet connections. The Ethernet connection can offer consistency in environments where Wi-Fi might be disrupted by interference from heavy machinery or other sources.
  • IoT Projects: For battery-powered IoT edge applications, where power consumption and secure data transmission are critical, the MKR ETH Shield provides an efficient solution. Its Ethernet capability complements the diverse range of MKR boards that are designed for IoT projects, allowing for flexible, cost-efficient, and minimal software change implementations.
  • Data Logging: With its Micro SD card slot, the shield can be used in data-intensive applications where logging and storing large files are necessary. This feature is particularly useful in environmental monitoring, where continuous data collection is required over long periods.
  • Creating Ethernet Web Servers: A practical use case involves setting up an Ethernet web server. This setup can serve various applications, from local web servers providing real-time data from sensors to controlling devices remotely over a network. The tutorial guides on programming the MKR board with the shield to handle Ethernet connections and client requests, showcasing the potential for developing networked applications.
  • Educational Purposes: For those learning about networking, IoT, or industrial system design, the MKR ETH Shield serves as an excellent educational tool. It offers a hands-on experience in working with Ethernet protocols, understanding the nuances of wired vs. wireless connectivity, and developing applications that require robust internet access.

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