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This 2 Channel Relay Module with light coupling operates at 24V and adheres to safety standards with its isolated control and load areas. The module uses optical coupling isolation, ensuring reliable and stable triggering. It features a double FR-4 circuit board design and utilizes a high-end SMT process. Clear power and relay operation indicators are provided. The relay terminals (C, NC, NO) are easily accessible through screw terminals, simplifying the wiring process.

The inputs of the 2 Channel 24V Relay Module are isolated, providing protection for delicate control circuitry. It is compatible with a wide range of microcontrollers such as Arduino, AVR, PIC, and ARM, enabling versatile control options.

The use of high-voltage relays eliminates the risk of relay heating, as the current consumption is appropriately limited based on the voltage rating.


Operating Voltage: 24V DC
Equipped with high-current relay: 10A@250VAC / 10A@30VDC
It can control both AC and DC appliances such as Solenoids, Motors, lights, fans, etc
High-quality screw terminals (Terminal Block) provided (C, NC, NO) for quick and easy connection
A freewheeling diode to protect your microcontroller
Input Signal Pin connected to Burg stick for easy accessibility
LED Status indicators to indicate the relay ON/OFF status
Mounting holes provided

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