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0.3 MegaPixels USB Camera for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson Nano

SKU: ODCx0054
45,00 د.إ
Description : – This product is a driver-free camera with 0.3MP (MegaPixels) and 640*480 resolution. The camera is well compatible

10 PCS 5MM Light Dependent Resistor Photoresistor GL5528 LDR

10,00 د.إ
Description : Photosensitive resistance is the resistance of a semiconductor material, the conductivity change with light intensity varies.Photoresistor is widely

5mm LED Pack (50 PCS)

SKU: ODLx0079
15,00 د.إ
Description : – This package includes 50 x 5mm LEDs, 5 different colors.– It covers five common colors: green, red,

5MP Camera Module 1080p 720p Webcam compatible for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

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  DESCRIPTION The Raspberry Pi Camera Board is a camera module that can be easily connected to the Raspberry Pi

7 inches 1024×600 Tft, Lcd Touch Screen For Raspberry Pi

215,00 د.إ
Description : 7 inch screen features a high-definition IPS screen with a resolution of 1024×600 and a visible angle of

Fermion: Monochrome 0.91” 128×32 I2C OLED Display (Breakout)

SKU: ODDx0043
43,20 د.إ
Description : – The OLED display module uses the SSD1306 drive chip– It has 128×32 self-illuminating white pixels– Adopts a

Gravity: 1602 LCD Keypad Shield For Arduino

SKU: ODDx0055
43,20 د.إ
Description : – Popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino and other variants– Includes a 2×16 LCD display and 6 momentary

I2C 20×4 Arduino LCD Display Module

SKU: ODDx0123
112,40 د.إ
Description : – 20×4 Arduino compatible LCD display module with high speed I2C interface– Able to display 20×4 characters on

LattePanda 5MP UVC Camera

115,00 د.إ
Description  -5 megapixel -Support OTG -Auto-focus -Automatic low light correction -UVC -Sensor:OV5640 -2592 x 1944 pixel static images -FOV:72° -Support

Night Camera Module for Raspberry Pi

SKU: ODCx0051
325,00 د.إ
Description : – Compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards, this camera module has a very good imaging effect both in

OV2640 Dual Camera

SKU: ODCx0053
80,00 د.إ
Description : – The binocular camera module features dual onboard OV2640 cameras, 2MP pixels, 60mm binocular distance, compatible with standard


SKU: oddx0024
550,00 د.إ
Description: HD IPS SCREEN: This for RasPi 7 inch screen adopts tempered glass, equipped with IPS screen and 1024×600 resolution,


SKU: odcx0001
175,00 د.إ
The Raspberry Pi Camera Module 2 replaced the original Camera Module in April 2016. The v2 Camera Module has a

RGB LED Breakout (3528)

SKU: ODLx0059
8,50 د.إ
Description : -This small size breakout is programmable full-color RGB LED for hobbyists, industrial designers, prototypers, and experimenters. -It is

UNO R3 2.8 TFT Touch Screen with SD Card Socket for Arduino Board Module

SKU: ODDx0025
45,00 د.إ
Description : The item is a professional and practical UNO R3 2.8″ TFT touch screen with SD card socket, which

waveshare Capacitive Touch 5inch Raspberry pi LCD HDMI Display Module 800480 High Resolution HDMI Interface Screen Supports Multi Mini-PCs Multi Systems

SKU: ODDx0001
175,00 د.إ
Description : 800×480 hardware resolution, configurable by software (up to 1920×1080) Supports popular mini PCs such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone

7-Segment Display – 4-Digit (Red)

SKU: ODDx0073
11,15 د.إ
Description : This is a basic, 4-digit 7-segment display – red in color. It has a common anode. The display

FLIR Lepton 2.5 – Thermal Imaging Module

SKU: ODCx0020
955,48 د.إ
Description : The FLIR Lepton 2.5 – Thermal Imaging Module is a radiometric-capable long wave infrared (LWIR) camera solution that

LED – Infrared 950nm

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Features:   • This is a very simple, clear infrared LED.• These devices operate between 940-950nm and work well for

LED – RGB Addressable, PTH, 8mm Diffused (5 Pack)

SKU: ODLx0055
15,93 د.إ
Description : This is a PTH Addressable RGB LED with a WS2812 (or “NeoPixel”) control IC built right into the

Leopard Imaging Camera – 136 Degree FOV

SKU: ODCx0043
147,91 د.إ
Description : The Leopard Imaging Camera is a 136° FOV (field of view) wide angle camera module that is great

OpenMV Cam H7 Plus

SKU: ODCx0015
454,87 د.إ
Description : -OpenMV H7 Plus Camera is a small, low-power microcontroller board for implementing real-world machine vision applications-Comes with 32

TFMini Plus – Micro LiDAR Module

SKU: ODCx0026
229,83 د.إ
Description : The TFMini Plus is a ToF (Time of Flight) LiDAR sensor capable of measuring the distance to an

PureThermal Mini Pro JST-SR (with FLIR Lepton 3.5)

SKU: ODCx0030
1.558,72 د.إ
Description : -PureThermal Mini Pro JST-SR is a thermal camera for FLIR Lepton thermal imaging camera core-Can be used as

Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Lens – 16mm Telephoto

SKU: ODCx0045
250,00 د.إ
Description : This is the 16mm C-mount telephoto lens from CGL Electronics Co. Ltd. for use with the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Lens – 6mm Wide Angle

SKU: ODCx0019
125,00 د.إ
Description : This is the 6mm CS-mount wide-angle lens from CGL Electronics Co. Ltd. for use with the Raspberry Pi

SMD LED – RGB WS2812B (Strip of 50)

SKU: ODLx0063
118,10 د.إ
Description : The WS2812B (or “NeoPixel”) may look like a common 5050-sized (5x5mm) SMD LED, but there’s actually an integrated

SparkFun Air Quality Sensor – SGP30 (Qwiic)

SKU: ODCx0018
97,85 د.إ
Description : -SparkFun SGP30 Air Quality Sensor measures indoor air quality (IAQ) by monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the

SparkFun Qwiic Alphanumeric Display – Red

SKU: ODDx0114
45,28 د.إ
Description : SparkFun Qwiic Alphanumeric Display has 14 segment digits to display numbers, characters, and symbols.No soldering or figuring out

SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display (0.91 in, 128×32)

SKU: ODDx0083
49,83 د.إ
Description : The SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display can display up to three lines of text and features 128×32 pixels in

SparkFun TeensyView

SKU: ODDx0044
81,69 د.إ
Description : The SparkFun TeensyView is an OLED display designed to work with Teensy development boardsThe 128×32 monochrome display is