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Denka Vinyl Tape 3/4 in x 10 yd Black

SKU: TPTx0011
3,00 AED
DENKA INSULATION TAPE ¾ INCH X 10 YARDS BLACK Pressure-sensitive, rubber-resin adhesive possesses excellent stretch and conformability. Easily installed by hand!

Signal Warning Lamp

5,00 AED
Specifications: Item: Alarm Signal Lamp Rated voltage:12V DC Rated current: 120mA Strobe rate: 90s/minute Diameter: 73mm High: 45mm   Color:

SparkFun Qwiic Adapter

7,28 AED
Description : The SparkFun Qwiic Adapter provides the perfect means to make any old I2C board into a Qwiic-enabled board.

Polymide Tape 5 mm

SKU: TPTx0006
10,00 AED
DESCRIPTION This 3/16″ x 33yd roll of polyimide tape is excellent for electrical insulation with a high temperature resistance. PACKAGE

Madanistar Power Adapter 12 V 2 A

10,00 AED
12V 2A regulated power supply charger adapter for household electronic devices Specification: It is made of premium material with a

4 x 4 Matrix 16 Keypad Keyboard Module 16 Button MCU

10,00 AED
Great Sensors. Having Fun With Electronics and Programming! Description: External keyboard microcontroller expansion. Specification: Keypad Number: 16 Type: 4*4 PCB

Gravity: Vibration Motor Module for Arduino

12,00 AED
Barcode: DFR0440
Have you ever wondered how to implement a vibration motor in your projects, like you would in a mobile phone? The latest vibration module "Gravity" will give you a detailed understanding of the principles of vibration motors.

SparkFun Multiplexer Breakout – 8 Channel (74HC4051)

13,43 AED
Description : -Provides access to all pins and features of 74HC4051, an 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer-Allows turning 4 I/O pins into

DC-DC Automatic Step Up-down Power Module (2.5~15V to 3.3V 600mA)

13,80 AED
Description :   – This power module contains the function of automatic buck-boost and integrates with the related circuit of

Copper Tape 10 mm

SKU: TPTx0007
15,00 AED
Highlight Walk-In Price: RM11 Warranty: 1 Month (T&C Apply) Polyimide Tape Heat resistance tape for 3D printer, PCB contact and etc Protection

Stereo Enclosed Speaker – 3W 8ohm

15,00 AED
Description : – Stereo Enclosed Speaker is a new passive speaker with JST PH2.0 interface. It is a perfect option