Air Quality Sensor (Qwiic) – SGP30

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Air Quality Sensor (Qwiic) – SGP30

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The SGP30 is an indoor air quality sensor equipped with an I2C interface. It outputs equivalent CO2 in ppm and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) in ppb. The sensor also gives access to its raw measurement values of Ethanol and H2.

The SGP30 boasts high stability with low long term drift. With its continuous baseline compensation algorithm, readings stay accurate over time. You can even fine tune your readings by interfacing with an external humidity sensor to add humidity compensation.

While the CCS811 requires a burn-in of 48 hours and a run-in of 20 minutes the SGP30 is ready to go after just 15 seconds.

We’ve written an [Arduino library]( to help you get started quickly. Search for SparkFun SGP30 in the library manager.

This board is one of our many [Qwiic]( compatible boards! Simply plug and go. No soldering, no figuring out which is SDA or SCL, and no voltage regulation or translation required!

The SGP30 Air Quality Sensor can also be automatically detected, scanned, configured, and logged using the [OpenLog Artemis]( datalogger system. No programming, soldering, or setup required!

We do not plan to regularly produce SparkX products so get them while they’re hot!

**Note:** The I2C address of the SGP30 is 0x58 and is hardware defined. A multiplexer/Mux is required to communicate to multiple SGP30 sensors on a single bus. If you need to use more than one SGP30 sensor consider using the [Qwiic Mux Breakout](

Experimental Product: SparkX products are rapidly produced to bring you the most cutting edge technology as it becomes available. These products are tested but come with no guarantees. Live technical support is not available for SparkX products. Head on over to our forum for support or to ask a question.


* SGP30 [Datasheet](
* Example Arduino Sketches: Search the Arduino library manager for ‘SparkFun SGP30’ to quickly get many helpful example sketches
* [Eagle Files](
* [Schematic](
* [Library Repo](
* Please visit [the repo]( for the latest hardware designs.

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