Water Flow Sensor

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YF-S201 Multiple Function Sensor Development Tools Gravity Water Flow Sensor (1/2 in)

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The Gravity Water Flow sensor measures the rate of a liquid flowing through it. The YF-S201 water flow sensor consists of a plastic valve body, flow rotor and hall effect sensor. It is usually used at the inlet end to detect the amount of flow. When liquid flows through the sensor, a magnetic rotor will rotate and the rate of rotation will vary with the rate of flow. The hall effect sensor will then output a pulse width signal. Connect it to a microcontroller and you can monitor multiple devices such as your coffee maker, sprinkler or anything else, and control the water flow rate to suit your needs! The Gravity interface make it be compatible with Arduino IO Expansion Shield.

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Product Type

Voltage Rating

Current Rating


Water Pressure

<1.75 MPa

Water Flow Rate

1 to 30 L/min

Insulation Resistance

Output Pulse Level

Duty Ratio

Operating Humidity


62 x 36 x 35 mm;2.44 x 1.37 x 1.37 in


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