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Buzzer 5VDC

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This buzzer is an active buzzer, which basically means that it will buzz at a predefined frequency (2300 ?300 Hz) on its own even when you just apply steady DC power. If you are looking for a buzzer can produce varied tones from an oscillating input signal, then take a look at our passive buzzer. Some people prefer to get active buzzers since they can use them with steady DC power but also be able to produce some variety of tones by applying an oscillating signal. Some consider them to be more versatile than their cousin, the passive buzzer, which is the type that requires an oscillating signal to create any tone. It is possible, and often done, to still create different tones through an active buzzer when you apply an oscillating signal to the buzzer, but the spectrum of possible different tones is very limited and not as crisp or clean of sound as can be produced with a passive buzzer. One advantage to an active buzzer is that you can still produce a sound from the buzzer connected to a microcontroller, such as an Arduino, by just driving a standard high output on the connected pin. The benefits of this are that you don’t need to use processing power, hardware timers, or additional code to produce sound.

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