Magnetic Screwdriver Set (20 Piece)

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Magnetic Screwdriver Set (20 Piece)

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344 in stock

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Let’s face it, everyone will need a screwdriver at some point so it is best to be as prepared as possible by having plenty of different driver bits available to you. This is a 20 piece screwdriver set that magnetically keeps each of the unused bits secured inside of a thin case that easily fits in your pocket. On top of all the bits and handle, this screwdriver set also comes with a pair of tweezers as well (these can really help getting the pieces out of the case).

The Magnetic Screwdriver Set bits are made from S2 steel material with a hardness rating of 60HRC while the handle is completely made from an anti-rust aluminum allow making this entire set incredibly resistant to time and the elements!


* 1x Carrying Case
* 1x Screwdriver Handle
* 1x Tweezers
* 1x Phillips Head Bit #000
* 1x Phillips Head Bit #00
* 1x Phillips Head Bit #1
* 1x Phillips Head Bit #2
* 1x Phillips Head Bit #2.3
* 1x Flat Head Bit 1.0
* 1x Flat Head Bit 1.5
* 1x Flat Head Bit 2.5
* 1x Torx Bit T2
* 1x Torx Bit T3
* 1x Torx Bit T4
* 1x Torx Bit T5
* 1x Torx Bit T6H
* 1x Torx Bit T8H
* 1x Tri-Wing Bit Y1
* 1x Tri-Wing Bit Y0.6
* 1x Star Bit 0.8
* 1x Star Bit 1.2
* 1x Standoff Bit 2.5
* 1x Spanner Bit 2.0

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