Pimoroni Blinkt!

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Pimoroni Blinkt!

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The Pimoroni Blinkt! is a “shield” for the Raspberry Pi, equipped with eight super-bright and addressable RGB LEDs that make it ideal for adding visual notifications to your Pi. Each LED is individually controllable and dimmable, allowing you to create gradients, pulsing effects, or just flash them on and off like crazy.

Each Pimoroni Blinkt! easily snaps on top of a Raspberry Pi equipped with a 40-pin (2×20) GPIO. Pimoroni has created a GitHub repository bundling the Blinkt! software with a set of examples to get you started in an easy-to-use Python module, so all you have to worry about is setting the color you want each pixel to be.

**Note:** Be careful to plug in your Blinkt! the correct way; it has curves on the top that match the corners of any Raspberry Pi.


* Eight RGB LED (APA102)
* Individually controllable pixels
* Sits directly on top of your Pi in a tiny footprint
* Fits inside most Pi cases
* Comes fully assembled


* [Python Library](https://github.com/pimoroni/blinkt)
* [Getting Started with Blinkt!](http://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/sandyj/getting-started-with-blinkt)


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