SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Refill Pack

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SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Refill Pack

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If you use the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit in a classroom or workshop setting, you know that when a bunch of people get their hands on the same kit, things get lost/broken. That’s why we offer the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit Refill Pack. This way, you don’t need to buy a whole new kit if you lose a few of the smaller or more wear-prone bits.

This refill pack includes items such as servos, a photocell, multicolored buttons and LEDs — all in a handy, protective carrying case. We understand that sometimes you need to replace some more pricey parts, so we hope this helps!


* 1x Adjustable Parts Box
* 2x Mini Speaker
* 2x Temperature Sensor — TMP36
* 2x Mini Photocell
* 2x Trimpot 10k
* 2x Mini Power Switch — SPDT
* 2x Generic Servo (Sub-Micro Size)
* 2x LED — RGB Diffused Common Cathode
* 1x Assorted LED 20-Pack (5 Red, 5 Blue, 5 Yellow, 5 Green)
* 2x Multicolor Button 4-Pack (1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Green)


* [SIK Guide]( (PDF, Download File: 25.9MB)
* [SIK Guide Errata]( (v4.0a)
* [Online Experiment Guide](—v4)


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