WIFI Microcontroller Development Board


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ESP8266-D1 Arduino Compatible Development Board

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The ESP8266-D1 is a wireless 802.11 (Wifi) microcontroller development board compatible with the Arduino IDE. It turns the very popular ESP8266 wireless (WiFi) module into a fully fledged development board. The layout of this board is based on a standard Arduino hardware design with similar proportions to the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. It also includes a set of standard Arduino headers which means many existing Arduino shields can be plugged directly into the board. The development board also includes a CH340 USB to serial interface giving it the ability to be connected and programmed directly from your computer and requiring only a common micro USB cable ? no additional interface hardware or configuring is required. Once connected to the computer, and drivers have been installed, the ESP8266-D1 will appear as a standard serial COM port. The ESP8266-D1 can be programmed directly from the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Direct Arduino IDE support for this development board can be added with just a few mouse clicks via the built-in board manager feature. Programming the ESP8266-D1 via the IDE is then as straight-forward as programming any standard Arduino development board. Many of the default Arduino commands will work including digital and analogue pin functions and many examples are included in the IDE which demonstrate how to take advantage of the ESP8266s WiFi capabilities. These examples range from simply blinking an LED to turning the ESP8266-D1 into a stand-alone web server.

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