Arduino Display Module – 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD

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Arduino Display Module – 3.2″ Touchscreen LCD

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Most widgets could benefit from a shiny touchscreen interface. Unfortunately, it’s usually not easy to hook up a touchscreen and driving a display is often too taxing on your controller. 4D Systems has solved this problem by creating a series of touchscreens with on-board controllers then combining them with adapters for popular platforms like Raspberry Pi and Arduino!

The Arduino Display Module customizes the uLCD-32-PTU Display specifically for interfacing with the Arduino, to provide a quick and easy interface without any wiring hassles. It enables you to quickly connect the 4D Arduino Adapter Shield to their Arduino, connect the 5 way cable between the Adapter and the Display Module, and be connected in seconds to start programming!

The uLCD-32-PTU-AR has a comprehensive range of serial commands ready to be received from the Arduino, to draw primitives such as lines, rectangles, circles and text, displaying images, playing sound and logging data to uSD card. You can also use the Visi-Genie in Workshop 4 combined with the Arduino Library to create a graphical interface in minutes!

Like the other displays from 4D Systems you will need a USB Serial adapter to program this module. Unfortunately, our FTDI Basic Breakout won’t work. Check the _Recommended Items_ section below for 4D Systems’ [µUSB-PA5](


* uLCD-32-PTU Display Module with Resistive Touch
* 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield
* 5 way ribbon cable (this is not the Programming Cable)
* Display Module powered directly off the Arduino 5V bus
* Serial commands from the Arduino
* Comprehensive Arduino Library (see Description tab for more information)


* [Datasheet](
* [Visi-Genie Arduino Library](
* [Picaso Serial Arduino Library](
* [Visi-Genie Arduino Demo](
* [Visi-Genie Reference Manual](
* [Workshop4 IDE](


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