STEMTera (Black)

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STEMTera (Black)

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The STEMTera is an innovation in breadboard history. It is the first breadboard with an Arduino-compatible hardware suite built in that works with thousands of shields. With ATmega32U2 pins exposed, native USB projects can be easily developed using the LUFA framework. The STEMTera also features a standard building brick-compatible bottom that empowers projects to be built beyond imagination. This version of the STEMTera is housed in a durable black ABS plastic enclosure.

Since the STEMTera is a development board built directly into a breadboard, it eliminates the need for messy wires to be strewn about your work space. By having two microcontrollers built inside the breadboard, it provides direct access to the ATmega328P’s I/O pins. With the 21 I/O pins of the ATmega32U2 exposed, users will be able to develop native USB projects with ease. These extra I/O pins can work directly with the LUFA framework without having a middleman to translate messages as with the original Arduino UNO. Additionally, the STEMTera is pin-to-pin compatible with an Arduino UNO R3 shield and supports multiple IDEs, including: Atmel® Studio, Arduino IDE, AVR-GCC, AVR-GCC with LUFA, Scratch and more!


* Dual Microcontroller — ATmega328P & ATmega32U2
* USB Native Development
* 4 LEDs (Power, TX, RX and L)
* Black ABS Enclosure
* IDE Support
* Atmel® Studio
* Arduino IDE
* Scratch
* 111.8mm x 79.8mm x 16.1mm


* [Beginner’s Guide](


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