WZP-035 PT10004-20ma pt100 3-wire temperature sensor

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Pt100 platinum thermal resistance, its resistance changes with temperature proportional. PT100 resistance changes with temperature relationship: When PT100 temperature is 0 when its resistance of 100 ohms at 100 , its resistance is approximately 138.5 ohms. Its industrial principle: When the PT100 at 0 degrees when his resistance of 100 ohms, its resistance as the temperature becomes uniform growth.

Metal thermal resistance of the resistor and the temperature can generally be expressed by the following approximate relationship, i.e.
Rt = Rt0 [1 + (t-t0)]
Wherein, Rt is the resistance when the temperature t; Rt0 the temperature t0 (usually t0 = 0 ), the corresponding resistance value; is the temperature coefficient. Semiconductor thermistor resistance and temperature relationship
Rt = AeB / t

Where Rt is the resistance when the temperature is t; A, B depending on the structure of the semiconductor material constants.

In comparison, the greater temperature coefficient thermistor, the resistance value of the higher temperature (typically several thousand over Europe), but poor interchangeability, nonlinear severe, only the temperature range of -50 ~ 300 so, a large number of used home appliances and automotive temperature sensing and control. Metal thermal resistance is generally applicable to -200 ~ 500 range of temperature measurement, which is characterized by measuring accuracy, good stability, reliable performance, process control application in an extremely wide range.
Common industrial metal thermal resistance
From the change of resistance with temperature, most of the metal conductors have this property, but not temperature can be used as thermal resistance, thermal resistance of the metal material as the general requirements: as large and stable temperature coefficient of resistivity should be large (in the same size of the sensor sensitivity is reduced under), the temperature range in use of chemical and physical properties of a stable, good copy material, the resistance value varies with temperature have a function (preferably a linear relationship )


Medical, electrical, industrial, temperature calculation, calculation of high-precision resistance temperature device, the application range is very wide
Type:PT1000 temperature range:-40C to 100C
Probe diameter:6mm probe length:50mm
Probe material:SS304 wire length:5000mm
Wire material: PTFE

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