TM830M lux meter Measuring luminosity, brightness instrumentation Range: 1 - 200000 Lux / Fc


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TM830M Mini Digital illuminance meter meter (or lux meter) is a kind of instrument and meter measure brightness brightness. Is to measure light intensity (illuminance) is the object illumination level namely the luminous flux of the object surface and the illuminated area ratio. 2013 new product is Techman - meter.

Product Description

LUX meter Tecman TM830M
Measuring range: 1 ~ 200.000LUX
accuracy: ± 3%
numerical digit: 4 position
resolution ratio: 1LUX
Maximum value / minimum value locking function Data remain functional
Induction type LCD backlight
RANGE change toggle key: 2000 ~ 20000 ~ 200000 lux
The backlight sensor
power supply ON / OFF key

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