Titan Case for LattePanda Alpha&Delta

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Dedicated Design, Superior Texture

Titan case uses conflict aesthetics to combine functional design considerations with sci-fi elements. Understated color selection and layered surface treatment technology create a kind of design, flat but with unlimited potential.

Titan Case for LattePanda Alpha&Delta

Two Models, Balancing Extensibility And Integrity
Invisible quick-release cover design. A complete computer after fastening, or an open hardware development platform after quick disassembling.

Titan Case for LattePanda Alpha&Delta

Perfect Protection
High-strength engineering plastic effectively protects the internal precise electronic components from accidental falls and static damage in a complex development environment.

Titan Case for LattePanda Alpha&Delta

Note: Titan case is designed for LattePanda Alpha & Delta, not compatible with LattePanda V1.0

LattePanda Alpha: Screen, Case & Streaming Cable

Titan case for Lattepanda Alpha / Delta (Assembly Tutorial)

Lattepanda alpha accessories - Titan Case, Streaming Cable, and 7 inch EDP display

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