TD310INGate Drivers Triple IGBT/MOS

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The TD310 is designed to drive one, two or three
Power IGBT/MOS and has driving capability for
pulse transformer. So it is perfectly suited to
interface control IC with Power Switches in low
side or half-bridge configuration.
TD310 includes a current sense comparator which
inhibit the output drivers in case of overcurrent. An
alarm output signals the even to a controller.
TD310 also includes an uncommitted op-amp
which can be used for current measurement (as
an amplifier before the A/D input of a
microcontroller) of for other general purpose.
Programmable undervoltage lockout and standby
mode make TD310 suitable for a large area of
environment and application.
Typical applications are low side IGBT and power
MOSFET drive in three phase systems, pulse
transformer drive, and general purpose pulse

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