SHT20 I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Waterproof Probe)

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This SHT20 I2C temperature & humidity sensor is equipped with waterproof probe. It comes with the 4C CMOSensط¢آ® SHT20 temperature & humidity sensor chip and the probe has gone through dual waterproof protection test.
The SHT20 I2C temperature & humidity sensor adopt Sensirionط¢آ techniques. Except the humidity sensor of capacitive type and the temperature sensor of band gap , SHT20 contains an amplifier, A/D converter, OTP memory and a digital processing unit. Compared with early SHT1x series and SHT7x series, SHT20 shows a strong reliability and long-term stability. It can measure surrounding environment temperature and relative air humidity precisely.
There is also a built-in 10k Pull-up resistor and 0.1uf filter capacitor. It enables the sensor to be directly used with the microcontroller such as Arduino. We recommend DFRobot Gravity 4Pin Sensor Adapterط¢آ convenient.
Sensor Interface:
  • Red VCC
  • Green GND
  • Blue (Black) SDA
  • Yellow (White) SCL
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