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The SATLOOK MICRO + is a Swedish made SAT-TV instrument.
The unit is made for exact alignment and adjustment of satellite-dishes. It is intended for
professional use when high accuracy and precise information are needed.
It´s easily operated without a lot of unnecessary buttons and knobs. The basic functions are easy
to get a hold on and takes only a few minutes to learn.
The instrument is provided with a 3" LCD which either shows Sat-signal strength or Digital
The SATLOOK Micro + is unique as it can measure satellite signal from two LNBs at the same
time. Signal strength is presented graphical on the LCD-display in form of thermometer-scales.
It can also present pitchtones (the higher tone the better signal) on a loudspeaker.
SATLOOK Micro + shows Digital information like BER (bit error rate), constellation-diagram
(QPSK) and S/N (signal/noise ratio).
The NIT function can identify the various TV-satellites by reading out the NIT in the
Bitstream (NIT = Network Information Table). The NIT also contains info about the
transponders TV and Radio-channels.
SATLOOK Micro + can store 100 positions of Satellite transponder information.
The instrument can easily scan through the memory positions and identify the various Satellite
The polarisation of the LNB is switchable 13V/18V and the Hi-Lo band with
22 kHz-tone. The DiSEqC-function controls all DiSEqC-accessories (like switches, LNB´s and
The power of the instrument is supplied by a built in and rechargeable battery.
Even though the instrument has a lot of functions it is still very light and flexible.

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