PPM 2x3A DC Motor Driver

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This motor driver module is a special PPM signal motor controller for Aero modellingremote control. It is designed by DFRobot and it can be controlled by RC transmitter. The driver can convert PPM signal to the motor speed and direction control signal. There are two signal receiving channels (CH1, CH2) and two motor channels (M1, M2) on the board. Each signal input channel uses a standard 50-Hz PPM signal with a duty cycle of 5% to 10%. When the rocker returns to the middle, the motor stops rotating, waggling the rocker up and down (or left and right), and the motor rotates forward or backward.

The motor driver supports 7 ~ 12V wide range power input, the maximum input voltage is 40V, and the continuous current of each channel is 3A, the allowable peak current is 6A. When the current is over 6A, the driver chip will be into a protected state (in the protection state, it requires repower to start again). The module has LDO power management system, which can provide an output current of 5V/200mA externally. Therefore, the remote control receiver of the model can be directly connected to the driver board without additional power supply to the receiver.

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