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Open the intelligence era, starting with visual recognition! Here comes an image recognition sensor with built-in deep learning engine. Small in size, the sensor adopts 30W wide-angle lens and various vision algorithms, which could make your robots more intelligent and independent. With this MU visionsensor, you can build up a smart robot that can trigger suitable behaviors to deal with random events in environment.

Use this MU vision sensor to recognize and locate a variety of objects, such as colors, balls, humans and cards. The detected result can be output through UART and I2C. It can process information locally without a network connection. In addition, the parameter configuration and firmware update of the module can be directly realized via the on-board USB serial port. The sensor supports UART, I2C, and WIFI communication modes. Whatأ¢â‚¬â„¢s more, it is suitable forArduino, Mixly andmicro:bitembedded platforms, so you are always welcomed to explore the powerful capability of this sensor regardless of the development platforms.

This small MU vision sensor can help you to complete intelligent applications, for instance, smart printing and scanning car robot, basketball shooting robot, and so on. Moreover, it can be widely used in smart toys, AI teaching tool, maker products, etc.

Project: How To Make DIY Arduino Traffic Sign Recognition Robot

Other Parts:Tracked Robot Chassis,Arduino Uno,Motor Driver Shield, 18650 Li-ion Battery - (From PowerBank )

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