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Thisط¢آ isط¢آ aط¢آ Type-Cط¢آ ط¢آ Lipo chargerط¢آ designedط¢آ forط¢آ single-cellط¢آ 3.7Vط¢آ lithiumط¢آ battery. Theط¢آ compactط¢آ sizeط¢آ makesط¢آ itط¢آ easyط¢آ toط¢آ integrateط¢آ intoط¢آ yourط¢آ applications.ط¢آ The charger adopts TP4056X lithium battery charging IC, which guarantees you quick and safe charging, andط¢آ alsoط¢آ youط¢آ canط¢آ easilyط¢آ switchط¢آ betweenط¢آ 3ط¢آ outputط¢آ currents (theط¢آ defaultط¢آ outputط¢آ currentط¢آ isط¢آ 50mA)ط¢آ byط¢آ selectingط¢آ different bondingط¢آ padsط¢آ onط¢آ theط¢آ back. The thermal feedback inside the TP4056X can automatically adjust the charging current to limit the chip temperature under high power operation or high ambient temperature conditions.

Plug this charger into power source via its Type-C port, the LED on the charger will flash when no battery is not connected; keep on when charging and go off when the battery is fully charged. So, thisط¢آ LEDط¢آ willط¢آ consumeط¢آ nothingط¢آ ofط¢آ yourط¢آ battery. Besides,ط¢آ youط¢آ canط¢آ alsoط¢آ connectط¢آ an externalط¢آ indicator,ط¢آ which allows you to easily check the charging status when this module is integrated into your projects.

There are 3 charging stages provided: trickle charge, constant current charge, and constant voltage charge, which guarantee the safety and save theط¢آ chargingط¢آ time.

Note:The low-current mode can charge large-capacity batteries, but the high-current gear cannot charge small-capacity batteries. If the charging current is too large, it may cause the battery explosion.

Batteryط¢آ Capacity

Recommended Charging Gear





1000mAhط¢آ above


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