I2C 20x4 Arduino LCD Display Module

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This is a 20x4 Arduino compatible LCD display module with high speed I2C interface. It is able to display 20x4 characters on two lines, whiteط¢آ charactersط¢آ on blue background.
Generally, LCD display will run out of Arduino pin resource. It needs 6 digital pins and 2 power pin for aLCD display. If you want to build a robot project, it will be a problem withArduino UNO and LCD display.ط¢آ 
This I2C 20x4 LCD display module is designed forArduino microcontroller. It is using I2C communication interface,ط¢آ With this I2C interface, only 2 lines (I2C) are required to display the information on any Arduino based projects. It will save at least 4 digital / analog pins on Arduino. All connector are standard XH2.54 (Breadboard type). You can connect it with jumper wire directly.ط¢آ 

I2C 20x4 Arduino LCD display

This 1602 LCD module has 8 I2C address in all, from 0x20 to 0x27. You can set one according to your requirements, avoiding the confliction of I2C address. And its contrast can be adjusted manually.ط¢آ 

This board is able to be powered by 5V or 3.3V which make it compatible with bothArduino 101 orArduino ط¢آ DUE, ط¢آ intel edison 3.3V system and standardArduino UNO/Arduino Mega 5V system.ط¢آ 

There is an alternative ط¢آ I2C 1602 LCD Screen available for less character. ط¢آ 

I2C 20x4 Arduino LCD Display Module

Last update: V1.2:

  • I2C connector:ط¢آ VCC, GND, SCL, SDA

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