HM6264BLP-10L 64 k SRAM (8-kword × 8-bit)

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DIP-28 - The Hitachi HM6264B is 64k-bit static RAM organized 8-kword × 8-bit. It realizes higher performance
and low power consumption by 1.5 µm CMOS process technology. The device, packaged in 450 mil SOP
(foot print pitch width), 600 mil plastic DIP, 300 mil plastic DIP, is available for high density mounting.
High speed
Fast access time: 85/100 ns (max)
Low power
Standby: 10 µW (typ)
Operation: 15 mW (typ) (f = 1 MHz)
Single 5 V supply
Completely static memory
No clock or timing strobe required
Equal access and cycle times
Common data input and output
Three state output
Directly TTL compatible
All inputs and outputs
Battery backup operation capability

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