HA12203NT Audio Signal Processor for Cassette Deck

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DIP-42 - HA12203NT is silicon monolithic bipolar IC providing Dolby noise reduction system, music sensor system, REC equalizer system and each electronic control switch in one chip.

• Dolby B - NR*2
× 2 channel
• REC equalizer × 2 channel
• Music sensor × 1 channel
• Pass amp. × 2 channel
• Each electronic control switch to change REC equalizer, bias, etc.
Note: 2. HA12204NT is not built-in Dolby noise reduction system.
• REC equalizer is very small number of external parts and have 6 types of frequency characteristics
• 2 types of input for PB, 1 type of input for REC.
• 70µ - PB equalizer changing system built-in.
• Dolby NR with dubbing double cassette decks.
Unprocessed signal output available from recording out terminals during PB mode.
• Provide stable music sensor system, available to design music sensing time and level.
• Controllable from direct micro-computer output.
• Bias oscillator control switch built-in.
• NR ON / OFF and REC / PB fully electronic control switching built-in.
• Normal-speed / high-speed, Normal / Crom / Metal*3
and PB equalizer fully electronic control
switching built-in.
• Available to reduce substrate-area because of high integration and small external parts

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