H3Y-4 AC 110V 220V 60s 0-60 second delay timer

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60Sec. /110VAC ON Delay Single Timer Relay Product Name: Time Relay + Plug; Type: H3Y-4; contact type: 4PDT Source: AC 220 V; Contact: 5A 250VAC resistive load; time range: 0-60 seconds number of terminals: 14; Mounting rail type: 35mm DIN rail; Fixing Mounting Hole Size: 6x4mm / 2.4 'x 0.15' Center Mounting Hole Distance: 59x22mm / 2.3 'x 0.9' ; Overall size Thick heavy twelve constellations-Capricorn (The Goat) pendant charms: 68x29mm x 88mm / 2.7 'x 1.1' x 3.5 '; Color: black gray Net weight: 81 g; Package content: 1 time relay, 1 plug

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