Gravity: SHT1x Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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Here is the most qualifiedآ Humidity and Temperature Sensorآ from DFRobot. Accurate, durable, highly compatible and easy to use, it has all the attributes of a superior sensor requires.

This sensor uses SHT1x sensor. آ SHT1x is individually calibrated in a precisionآ humidity chamber. The calibration coefficients areآ programmed into an OTP memory on the chip. Theseآ coefficients are used to internally calibrate the signalsآ from the sensors. The 2-wire serial interface and internalآ voltage regulation allows for easy and fast systemآ integration. The tiny size and low power consumptionآ makes SHT1x the ultimate choice for even the mostآ demanding applications.

This NodeMCU IoT project is a simple demonstration on how to send sensor data to the Internet.آ 
Hardware Needed:


  • Chip: SHT10
  • Interface :Digital
  • Humidity Ranger:0-100%RH
  • Tempereature ranger: -40~128.8℃
  • Humidity accuracy:آ±4.5%RH
  • Temperature accuracy:آ±0.5℃(25℃)
  • Size: 32x27mm (1.26 x 1.1 in)
  • Weight:5 gram
  • Voltage:3.3V~5V

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