Gravity: IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit

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IoT Starter Kit is an all-in-one bundle for micro:bit beginners to fast experience and buildInternet of Things projects.

Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit connection

The kit comes with amicro:bit microcontroller, aWi-Fi module and 7sensors/actuators that are wildly used in real-life IoT applications.ط¢آ 

Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit IoT with Obloq

You can easily setup the Wi-Fi connection in MakeCode Block Editor, program your micro:bit and eventually interact with your smart devices.

To make things even easier and fun. We developedEasyIoT, a free educational IoT platform that allows subscribers to exchange and visualize the data.ط¢آ 

This starter kit is compatible with hundreds ofDFRobot Gravity Series modules, bringing endless possibilities to your IoT applications.
Gravity IoT Starter Kit for micro:bit Gravity Series

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