Gravity: IO Expansion Shield for Launchpad

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DFRobot proudly presents the I/O expansion shield forط¢آ Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad. With the I/O expansion shield, your LaunchPad will be able to access more than 100 various sensors, servos and wireless modules from DFRobot.ط¢آ 
The Xbee & APC220 socket allows you to start immediatly without additional wireless shield.The SPI & I2C interface enables direct plugging of modules and sensors.A well designed corner cut to make room for the test button on LaunchPad.The colorful standardط¢آ DFRobot 3 Pinout ط¢آ headers provide additional power for sensors and modules and can beط¢آ clearly recognized and connected the digital and analog sensors.ط¢آ 
Sensor connector :
  • Green-Digital
  • Blue-Analog
  • Red-VCC
  • Black-GND

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