Gravity: I2C to Dual UART Module

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This I2C to Dual UART module offers data transmission rate up to 1Mbps, and each sub UART has independent 256-byte FIFO hardware buffer for transmitting and receiving. The baud rate, word length, and check format of every sub UART can be set independently. The module provides 2Mbps maximum communication rate. At most four such modules can be connected onto one controller board to expand 8 hardware serial ports. This I2C to dual UART module can be extremely suitable for using with IoT module, Ultrasonic ranging module and GPS module.

There are usually only 1 or 2 UARTs on Controller boards likeArduino,Raspberry Pi,micro:bit, etc. And one of them must be used in program downloading or debugging. When your application needs to connect several UART devices, you may find that there are not enough UARTs on main-board for connecting. Thus, this module could be a perfect solution for the above situation, or you can use this product in IR receiver module and WS2818 RGB relevant projects with strict timing requirements.

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