Gravity: Analog Sound Sensor For Arduino

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This is a new Analog Sound Sensor compatible withآ Arduino. آ Sound Sensor is typically used in detecting the loudness in ambient, the Arduino can collect its output signal and actuate accordingly. You may use it to make some funny interactive works such as a "clap and buzz" to find your lost keys or remote control if you add a buzzer. This sensor works best with ourAudio analyzer module.آ آ 

As one of our new version of breakout boards, we have improved the analogsound sensor in below: آ 

  • Wide voltage range from 3.3V to 5V
  • Standard assembling structure (two 3mm holes with multiple of 5cm as interval)
  • Easily recognitive interfaces of sensors ("A" for analog and "D" for digital)
  • Icons to simplely illustrate sensor functionآ 
  • High quality connector
  • Immersion gold surface


arduino sound sensor demo project 1
Arduino sound sensor demo project 2


To ease the difficult of using this analog sound sensor, آ aآ Gravityآ Interface is adapted to allow plug&play. آ Theآ IO expansion shieldآ is the best match for this sound senor connecting to yourآ Arduino. As this sound sensor can work at 3.3V which make it compatible withآ Raspberry Pi,آ intel edison, joule and curie.آ 


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