Gravity: 4 Channel Relay Shield for Arduino

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This Relay Shield for Arduino acts like a switch. It is commonly used to control anything over 5V such as lamps,water pumps and garage doors. ط¢آ 

One of the most interesting projects for your boards is perhaps being able to control High power devices like Lamps, water pumps, garage doors and so on. But interfacing with high power andAC is quite a dangerous task when building the circuitry.Relays allow for interfacing an external electrical circuit like a switch. With relays you can now connect external circuit or devices directly to yourArduino.

ThisArduino Shield is a completely newly designed that is able to control 4 relays at a time. The max switching power DC 90W or AC 360VA gives direct control byArduino Uno/DFRduino controllers through digital I/Os with external 9V supply. With built-inXbee socket, it can be wireless remote controlled via Xbee/bluetooth/WPM.

This arduino relay shield is an ideal solution forhome automation androbotics applications.

NOTE:The Arduino board requires an externalpower supply to drive the xbee module and relays.

Warning:Pay special attention to the voltage that is over 38 volts.ط¢آ 

Project 1: IR Home Automation based on DFRobot's Relay Shield


Arduino UNO Rev 3

4 Channel Relay shield

IR Kit for Arduino

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