G2R-1-S 12VDC (S) OMRON Relay: electromagnetic; SPDT; Ucoil: 12VDC; 10A/250VAC; 10A/30VDC

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Manufacturer OMRON
Type of relay electromagnetic
Contacts configuration SPDT
Rated coil voltage 12V DC
AC contacts rating R
(at resistive load) 10A / 250V AC
DC contacts rating R
(at resistive load) 10A / 30V DC
Contact current max. 10A
Switched voltage max. 125V DC, max. 380V AC
Relay variant industrial, miniature
Mounting socket
Relay series G2R-1-S
Operating temperature -40...70°C
Body dimensions 29x13x35.5mm
Coil resistance 275?
Operate time 15ms
Release time 5ms
Coil current 43.6mA
Contact resistance 30m?
Coil power consumption 530mW
Switching capacity 300W, 2500VA
Terminal pitch 5.2mm

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