FireBeetle OSD Character Overlay Module

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OSD is the abbreviation of On-screen Display, this is a screen menu adjustment display technology to add different menu-style characters on the screen display.

FireBeetle OSD Character Overlay Module is a new product presented by DFRobot. It adopts AT7456E OSD chip. This is a single-channel OSD module, equipped with functions like video drive, sync separator, video separate switch, etc. It comes with 512 bytes EEPROM user-defined storage space. After connected to video sources (AV Signals), the display covers 540x192 pixels which can show 16x30 characters on the screen. Users can also call font library to show characters and images.
This FireBeetle OSD Character Overlay Module is compatible withFireBeetle series interfaces and can be directly plugged intoFireBeetle mainboards.

This module can be widely applied to device character display and time display of monitor device such as road cameras, home automation.

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