FAN9612 Interleaved Dual BCM PFC Controllers

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The FAN9611/12 family of interleaved dual BoundaryConduction-Mode (BCM) Power-Factor-Correction (PFC)
controllers operate two parallel-connected boost power
trains 180° out of phase. Interleaving extends the
maximum practical power level of the control technique
from about 300W to greater than 800W. Unlike the
continuous conduction mode (CCM) technique often
used at higher power levels, BCM offers inherent zerocurrent switching of the boost diodes, which permits the
use of less expensive diodes without sacrificing
efficiency. Furthermore, the input and output filters can
be smaller due to ripple current cancellation and effective
doubling of the switching frequency.
The converters operate with variable frequency, which is
a function of the load and the instantaneous input /
output voltages. The switching frequency is limited
between 16.5kHz and 525kHz. The Pulse Width
Modulators (PWM) implement voltage-mode control with
input voltage feedforward. When configured for PFC
applications, the slow voltage regulation loop results in
constant on-time operation within a line cycle. This PWM
method, combined with the BCM operation of the boost
converters, provides automatic power factor correction.
The controllers offers bias UVLO (10V / 7.5V for
FAN9611 and 12.5V / 7.5V for FAN9612), input
brownout, over-current, open-feedback, output overvoltage, and redundant latching over-voltage protections.
Furthermore, the converters’ output power is limited
independently of the input RMS voltage. Synchronization
between the power stages is maintained under all
operating conditions

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