FA5511 Switching Power Supply control

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DIP-8 - The FA551X series are the PWM type switching power supply
control ICs that can directly drive power MOSFET. These ICs
use a CMOS device with high dielectric strength (30V) to
implement low power consumption. These ICs contain many
function in a small 8-pin package. With these ICs, a highperformance and compact power supply can be created
because not many external discrete components are needed.
Low current consumption by CMOS process with high
dielectric strength (30V)
Standby current of 2µA or less (at Vcc=14V), and operating
current of 1.5mA (typ)
Overvoltage protection function detecting the Vcc voltage
A drive circuit for connecting a power MOSFET directly
Output peak current: ±1.5A
Pulse-by-pulse overcurrent limiting function
Overload protection function (latch or non-latch mode selectable)
Output ON-OFF function by external signal
Latch-mode overvoltage shutdown function
Undervoltage lockout function (16.5V ON / 9V OFF)
Reference voltage output (5V)
8-pin package (DIP/SOP)

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