EN25P16-50HCP 16 Mbit Uniform Sector, Serial Flash Memory

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SMD-8 - Single power supply operation
- Full voltage range: 2.7-3.6 volt
• 16 Mbit Serial Flash
- 16 M-bit/2048 K-byte/8192 pages
- 256 bytes per programmable page
• High performance
- 75MHz clock rate
• Low power consumption
- 5 mA typical active current
- 1 ?A typical power down current
• Uniform Sector Architecture:
- Thirty two 64-Kbyte sectors Software and Hardware Write Protection:
- Write Protect all or portion of memory via
- Enable/Disable protection with WP# pin
• High performance program/erase speed
- Byte program time: 7µs typical
- Page program time: 1.5ms typical
- Sector erase time: 800ms typical
- Chip erase time: 18 Seconds typical
• Minimum 100K endurance cycle
• Package Options
- 8 pins SOP 200mil body width
- 8 contact VDFN
- 16 pin SOP 300mil body width
- All Pb-free packages are RoHS compliant
• Commercial and industrial temperature Range

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