E32-TTL-100 410-441Mhz WIRLESS SX1278 LoRA Module

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WIRELESS MODULEntenna type:Standard SMA antenna (FREE)
Power supply:2.3V-5.5V DC
Communication level:5.2V(max)
Transmission distance:3000m(max)
Maximum power:2dB(100mW)
Air rates:2.4Kbps
Emission current:130mA @ 100mW
Receiving current:13.5mA @ Mode 0, Mode 1
Sleep Current:2.0uA(M1=1,M1=0)
Emission length:256 Byte
Receive length:256 Byte
Communication Interface:UART
RSSI support:Yes
Working frequency:410MHz-441MHz(Default 433MHz)
Operating temperature:-30?~+85?
Receiver sensitivity:-130dBm @ 1.2Kbps

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