DS1302 Real Time Clock Module With CR2032 Battery Power Down Travel Time

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TIME CLOCK MODULEReal-time clocks have the ability to calculate seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years before 2100, as well as the ability to adjust leap years.

318 bit storage data storage RAM.

Serial I/O port makes the smallest number of pins.

Wide range working voltage 2 5.5V.

When the working current is 2.0V, less than 300nA.

When read / write clock or RAM data, there are two modes of transmission: single byte transmission and multi byte transfer character set.

8 feet DIP package or optional 8 foot SOIC package according to the surface assembly.

The simple 3 line interface.
TTL compatible with Vcc=5V.
Optional industrial temperature range -40 +85.
Double power supply for main power supply and backup power supply.

PCB is a single panel, size: 44mmx23mmx1.6mm

Wwith 4 positioning holes, diameter 3.1mm

Standby battery is genuine CR2032, voltage 3V, current 260mAh, non rechargeable battery. The theoretical data kept for more than 10 years!

Crystal oscillator 32.768KHz, Japan imported crystal oscillator, matching capacitance of 6pF, size 2*6mm

DS1302 for 8 feet directly into the domestic chip, chip with IC seat, easy to replace and insert chip.

Module working voltage is compatible with 3.3V/5V and can be connected to 5V and 3.3V single chip microcomputer.

Working temperature: 0 ---70°C

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