CA3130E Operational Amplifier with MOSFET Input/CMOS Output

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CA3130A and CA3130 are op amps that combine the
advantage of both CMOS and bipolar transistors.
Gate-protected P-Channel MOSFET (PMOS) transistors are
used in the input circuit to provide very-high-input
impedance, very-low-input current, and exceptional speed
performance. The use of PMOS transistors in the input stage
results in common-mode input-voltage capability down to
0.5V below the negative-supply terminal, an important
attribute in single-supply applications.
A CMOS transistor-pair, capable of swinging the output
voltage to within 10mV of either supply-voltage terminal (at
very high values of load impedance), is employed as the
output circuit.
The CA3130 Series circuits operate at supply voltages
ranging from 5V to 16V, (±2.5V to ±8V). They can be phase
compensated with a single external capacitor, and have
terminals for adjustment of offset voltage for applications
requiring offset-null capability. Terminal provisions are also
made to permit strobing of the output stage.
The CA3130A offers superior input characteristics over
those of the CA3130

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