Boson Starter Kit for micro:bit

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micro:bit is a pocket-sized microcontroller designed for kids and beginners to learn coding and electronics, letting them easily bring ideas into DIY digital games, interactive projects and robotics. Boson Kit has been awardedFive Stars in the 2018 Teach Primary Resource Awards.


To explore even more possibilities with micro:bit, we have now combined it with DFRobotأ¢â‚¬â„¢s Boson modules, a set of modularized electronic blocks, suitable for every child to start their hands-on journeys of creation.

DFRobotأ¢â‚¬â„¢s Boson starter kit for micro:bit includes 8 well selected modules, covering most populardigital andanalog sensors and actuators, supporting sound, light and motion interaction. Modules communicates to micro: bit via 3-Pin interface and are perfectly compatible with Microsoft MakeCode JavaScript online Editor and Python Editor.ط¢آ 

Click the link to learn more aboutDFRobotأ¢â‚¬â„¢s Boson module

The micro:bit expansion board for Boson is used to hook up Boson modules to micro:bit. The expansion board comes with an edge connector, 6 fool-proof 3-Pin sockets, a 3.5MM headphone jack and a volume knob. Moreover, to ensure a steady current supply for motor and servo, the expansion board can be powered externally through the USB power port.ط¢آ 

Note: USB power port CANNOT be used to upload program.

To help you easily understand the usage of each module, the boson kit formicrobit is provided with a quick start guide, including 4 basic projects with wiring and sample codes. Walk through the guide and create your own invention!

DFRobot Boson Starter Kit ط£ع¯ط¢آ´ط£ع¯ط¢آ»ط£â€کط¢عˆ BBC mico:bit

Note: micro:bit is NOT included in the kit. You will need to purchase separately.

Project 1:ط¢آ Smart Fan Control System with Micro:bit

In this article, we will show you how to create a smart fan control system with BBC micro:bit.

Hardware components:

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