Bluno Link - A USB Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Dongle

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Add bluetooth 4.0 to your PC, Mac directly with this USB BLE-Link.ط¢آ It uses the USB package which is compact and compatible with v2.1 and earlier, and also supports the latest v4.0/Bluetooth Low Energy.ط¢آ Now you could use this adapter to receive/transmit data.ط¢آ 

Withط¢آ two USB-BLE Link users can do point-to-point wireless transparent transmission, master-slave machine setting, and wireless programming. It can also work as a PC BLE wireless programming adapter. Comaptible all DFRobot BLE series modules: i.e.ط¢آ Bluno - An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board, Romeo BLE (Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0), etc


  • Bluetooth chip: TI CC2540
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Pin Layout: Compatible with Xbee pinout
  • Transfer rate: أ¢â€°آ¤1Mbps
  • Modulation: GFSK, bluetooth low power, V4.0
  • Sensitivity: -93dB
  • Input Voltage: +3.3 DC
  • Operating temperatureأ¯آ¼ع‘ -10 أ¢â€‍ئ’ ~ +85 أ¢â€‍ئ’
  • Transmission distance: 5~15m in free space
  • Size: 32mm * 16mm(1.26"*0.63")
  • support AT command to debug the BLE
  • support master-salve switch
  • support transparent transmission serial port
  • support bluetooth remote update the Arduino program

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