BA6898S 4-channel BTL driver

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The BA6898S / BA6898FP ICs contain a 4-channel BTL driver , 5V regulator (which requires an externally connected
PNP transistor), multi-purpose operational amplifier, and reset output for use with CD players. Also equipped with an
input pin for gain adjustment for all channels of the driver block so that the gain can be adjusted to the desired value
for your application. Furthermore, a built-in level shift circuit exists to further reduce the amount of external components
CD players, CD-ROM, and other optical disc equipment
1) 4-channel BTL driver.
2) Gain is adjustable with externally connected resistor.
3) Internal thermal shutdown circuit.
4) Internal 5V regulator (requires external PNP transistor).
5) Internal multi-purpose operational amplifier.
6) Equipped with reset output pin.

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