AM29F400BB NOR Flash Parallel 5V 4Mbit 512K/256K x 8bit/16bit 70ns 48-Pin TSOP

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The Am29F400B is a 4 Mbit, 5.0 volt-only Flash
memory organized as 524,288 bytes or 262,144 words.
The device is offered in 44-pin SO and 48-pin TSOP
packages. The device is also available in Known Good
Die (KGD) form. For more information, refer to publication number 21258. The word-wide data (x16) appears
on DQ15–DQ0; the byte-wide (x8) data appears on DQ7–
DQ0. This device is designed to be programmed in-system
with the standard system 5.0 volt VCC supply. A 12.0 V VPP
is not required for write or erase operations. The device can
also be programmed in standard EPROM programmers

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