A3020 1 CH Logic Output Optocouplers

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The CA3020 and CA3020A are integrated-circuit, multistage, multipurpose, wide-band power amplifiers on a single
monolithic silicon chip. They employ a highly versatile and
stable direct coupled circuit configuration featuring wide
frequency range, high voltage and power gain, and high
power output. These features plus inherent stability over a
wide temperature range make the CA3020 and CA3020A
extremely useful for a wide variety of applications in military,
industrial, and commercial equipment.
The CA3020 and CA3020A are particularly suited for service
as class B power amplifiers. The CA3020A can provide a
maximum power output of 1W from a 12VDC supply with a
typical power gain of 75dB. The CA3020 provides 0.5W
power output from a 9V supply with the same power gain.

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