8 Channel Ethernet Relay Controller (Support PoE and USB)

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With Ethernet relay,IoT(Internet of things) has become so easy. RLY-8-POE-USB is aآ POE & USB controlledآ 8 channel relay controller based on STM32. With this module users are able to do remote control/ switching power supply centralized management, the purpose of this product can be directly by net POE power supply switch power supply is connected to the Internet, so you just need to a cable link equipment, suitable for: home decoration, hotel, shopping mall management, Internet cafes, karaoke time, daily office, stores monitoring, networking, industrial control equipment, test equipment, power control, unattended, underground pipes, mining equipment, ships, machine room, street lamp management, intelligent management and centralized management.

RLY-8, أ‘ئ’أگآ؟أ‘€أگآ°أگآ²أگآ»أ‘آڈأگآµأگآ¼ أ‘€أگآµأگآ»أگآµ أگآ؟أگآ¾ Ethernet, USB أگآ¸أگآ»أگآ¸ RS485

Please read the PoE compatiblity issue before you buy:
We have passed the test onPoE Switches, list asآ 

  • ONV POE31004Pآ 
  • Tenda TEF1008P
However, as reported by our customer, the PoE feature failed on these PoE switches:
This new version Relay-8 module has support JSON now, please check network communication protocol.

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