74HC4052D Analog Multiplexer / Demultiplexer, 4:1, 2 Circuits, 90 ohm, 2V to 6V, SOIC-16

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The 74HC4052D is a dual single-pole quad-throw (2x SP4T) Analog Switch suitable for use in analog or digital 4:1 multiplexer/demultiplexer applications. Each switch features four independent inputs/outputs (nY0, nY1, nY2 and nY3) and a common input/output (nZ). A digital enable input (E) and two digital select inputs (S0 and S1) are common to both switches. When E is high, the switches are turned off. Inputs include clamp diodes. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages in excess of VCC.
Low ON resistance - 80R, 70R, 60R (typical) at VCC-VEE = 4.5V, 6.0V, 9.0V respectively
Logic level translation to enable 5V logic to communicate with ±5V analog signals

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